My favourite Christmas song – White Wine in the Sun

This is the most beautiful Christmas song ever written and one of my all-time favourite songs.

Crafted by musician/songwriter/comedian/actor/writer/director Tim Minchin, it is part social commentary, totally sentimental, and one of very few Christmas songs that an Australian – especially one stuck “9,000 miles from home” – can relate to. It makes me cry every time!

Although we are not religious at all, Christmas has always been the most important holiday for my family. When we were kids, all ~40 of us cousins along with associated aunts and uncles would converge on my grandparents’ place and run around the backyard in 30-degree heat eating ourselves silly. These are some of my favourite memories from my childhood.

While our celebrations are now smaller and usually limited to my immediate family, Christmas has always meant family for me. But for the second year in a row, I can’t make it home in 2021. I will again be spending it here in Greenland, which makes my annual obsessive playing of this song even more heartbreaking.

If you are not familiar with “White wine in the Sun”, please give it a listen. Although it cleverly raises several of the issues many of us have with organised religion and points out our own hypocrisy in celebrating this religious day, it perfectly captures why we still love Christmas. I think the lyrics are some of the most profound ever written.

Another reason to fall in love with this song and to purchase it is that every year, Tim donates all proceeds from sales made during Nov – Jan to an organisation that supports children and adults on the autism spectrum. Having lost my own autistic brother in 2021 – I cannot thank him enough!

While my favourite version of the song is the one above, I made a wonderful discovery last night – this animated “music video” for the song. I love the bits of iconic Aussie imagery in it – having a BBQ dressed in shorts and a t-shirt in the backyard, Milk Tray chocolates, and, of course, white wine in the Sun. A very Aussie Christmas.

Juullimi Pilluarit everyone from Greenland!

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